Teeth Whitening

First impressions still matter, and teeth whitening could prove the difference in making the right one.

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Teeth Whitening


Unique Spa Services offers the best teeth whitening in Roanoke by using the The latest® White teeth whitening system to help you dazzle every time you smile. UNIQUE SPA SERVICES uses the most advanced teeth whitening technology to give you quick, safe results. THIS TREATMENT White uses the technology you'd find in your dentist's office, UNIQUE SPA SERVICES uses a whitening gel to both remove surface stains and the harder-to-reach stains inside the teeth, while doing nothing to change the structure of the teeth themselves. The result is lasting, whiter teeth that shine through and through. Conveniently, White teeth whitening treatment only takes an hour, thanks in part to the accelerator lamp that speeds the process along. Tooth sensitivity is minimal, and is only experienced by a small percentage of those who consume very hot or very cold food or drink within a few hours of treatment. Target: Dull smile, teeth stained from coffee, cola, wine, and smoking .

Single Treatment $199 (1 hr)

But if you been taking care your teeth you will only need maintenance

Single Treatment $89 (25 min)


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