AnteAGE was developed by physician scientists to be the most effective anti-aging skincare system available. We believe we succeeded. Our users agree, and we invite you to judge for yourself. The stem cell technology behind AnteAGE is published in peer-reviewed medical journals and makes our system unique to all other products on the market. This proprietary formula works by restoring your skin’s natural ability to heal itself. AnteAGE replenishes our own biological signals that promote healing throughout life – signals that steadily diminish as we age. By providing these missing cell signals, called Stem Cytokines, our tissues and cells are re-engaged to heal like they used to. Apply the two-part AnteAGE system to your skin and the clock is turned back from the inside out.


$24.99  4 FL Oz

$12.99 0.4 FL Oz                                                                            


Persistent razor bumps or ingrown hairs lead to over-stimulation of the melanocytes (dark pigment producing cells) resulting in dark spots. BUMP & BLEMISH ® is the only product in the market that helps with the bumps AND brightens the skin, evening out the skin tone. Three patented, naturally derived active ingredients: Chromabright®, a new lipo-soluble skin brightener that readily penetrates the skin and that is used in the most expensive skin care products; SabiWhite®, a curcuminoid derivative (16 times more active than Hydroquinone) and OxyResvenox®, a resveratrol derivative (32 times as potent as Kojic Acid) are the main ingredients that provide this action. Hydroquinone free.