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Swedish Massage
$55/30 min  $75/60 min $105/90 min
Classic European massage combined with contemporary techniques: promotes relaxation to calm your body and spirits. Helps reduce physical and emotional stress. Light to moderate pressure massage.

Rejuvenate Massage (Unique Massage)
$65/30 min  $95/ 60 min $135/ 90 min
This customized service allows the therapist to create a personalized therapy just for you. The therapist will incorporate different styles of massage and bodywork for overall balance. Customized Aromatherapy Oils are blended just for you!
(If you choose 90 Minute Signature Rejuvenate Massage, you get "Treat your Feet!" enhancement included during your massage.)
$55/30 min $85/60 min  $125 /90 min
Technique that provides sustained pressure into myofascial restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.
CONNECTIVE TISSUE (CTM) {Myofascial Release }
Connective tissue or myofascia is a continuous sheet that wraps around everything in your body: organs, muscles, bones and veins. CTM creates length and space within the body by smoothing the fascia. This helps to relieve pain, stress and tension from the body. CTM is very effective.

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Unique Spa Service

" Rejuvenate Retreat"