About Staff.

 Diana Alejandra Rojas: I graduate from Nova Institute Technical Collage in LA California since 1986 as Medical Assistant but I was interested in more giving to people no just with chemical Medication but to bring a Unique plan for each individual person, got me interest in Massage Therapy in 1995. In 2001 I graduated from North Texas School of Swedish Massage, Arlington Texas. 2007 I graduated as a Esthetician from North Texas Beauty Collage. 2013 get my Medical Aesthetician License / Electrologist

I have over 16 years of experience
in my private practice of Body therapy.

Diana A. is an experienced therapist providing skilled and exceptional Treatments that is therapeutic, relaxing and compassionate.


Diana Alejandra. Specializes




ELECTROLYSIS: Permanent hair removal Yes this Method it is PERMANENT!

Permanent Makeup.

We uses knowledge and intuition to guide us. We will listen to your Body needs and design a routine to serve you best. Furthermore, with Us, you will always find consistency. You will receive a fantastic Treatment each visit.


"We understand the anxieties and frustrations that go along with finding quality therapists and experiences. If  We are unable to meet your expectations, We  will help you locate someone who can. We love Our work and care for my clients. The connection We make between Our clients and their well-being, is not only humbling, but the root of Our business. Our  Treatments  is to be experienced, and  trust it will be the most Compassionate Treatments you will ever receive".



Diana Alejandra Rojas Licensed Massage Therapist TX # MT 029137

Diana Alejandra Rojas Medical  Aesthetician TX # 1320356